4-Year-Old Says Dead Dad Talks To Her After His Funeral, Then She Tells Mom ‘He’s Not Alone’


When she was just a little girl, Jacie’s father died in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. It wasn’t long after his passing that Jacie’s mom, Lisa, noticed her daughter exhibiting a strange behavior.

Lisa started finding her 4-year-old daughter talking to herself, seemingly having full-on conversations in empty rooms. “I’d say, ‘Jacie, who are you talking to?’ Lisa said. ‘My dad! Talking to daddy,’” Jacie would reply. Lisa wanted to tread lightly, but she pressed her daughter about these conversations.

With confidence and conviction, Jacie revealed she could see her father and his “boys,” a group that included her uncle and her father’s friends who had also passed.

Jacie could even recite the names of her father’s co-workers who were killed in the 9/11 attack and put their names to their faces; these were people Jacie had never met nor heard of before her father’s death.

While this is one type of story we don’t hear about every day, it’s not the first time someone has claimed to connect with the afterlife. By the end of this video, I was covered in chills.

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