There really is nothing like a beautiful dance routine that takes your breath away. With the rise in the number of people embracing older dance forms such as swing and tap dance, there has been an explosion in the marriage of old styles and new. There are contemporary twists in the older forms that are exhilarating to watch, and there seems to be no dearth of talent that seems to keep getting better every year.

One of the most wonderful things about today is that younger people are showing an interest in dance and train for years to master their craft. While in the past, men taking up dance was not always encouraged, today more young men are stepping into dance shoes and wowing crowds with their skill and dexterity.

The confidence that comes with being one of the best in your field and inspiring others is something dancers Alexis Garrish and Ryan Boz know a thing or two about. Back in 2016, the then-15-year-olds went on to win first place at the National Swing Dance Championships that took place in Burbank, California.

Youth has a way of adding an extra bounce to the step of those who embrace it and this youthful enthusiasm is obvious in the way Garrish and Boz lit the stage on fire. Choosing the song “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon, this upbeat melody was the perfect choice for a fast-paced routine that was thrilling in every way. The young teens were incredible to watch, and their dance routine inspired us to get up and dance ourselves!

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Attending parties with friends, becoming enamored with crushes, and enjoying the process of ‘growing up’ are central themes to the lives of teenagers. However, the lives of Alexis Garrish and Ryan Boz contain an aspect that makes them a little different from their classmates. Both of them were teens back in 2016, and both have won high honors for their dance skills. Ryan and Alexis perform in multiple dance genres that include jazz, ballet, hip-hop, country, swing and others, but their best performances are reserved for swing dance competitions.

After months of practice, preparations, and minor setbacks, the duo was thrilled to showcase their talents at the national competition. It is evident by their routine that the two youngsters were natural dancers. Swing dance requires a combination of grace, dexterity, and footwork that needs to be perfectly synchronized with the partner. Both Garrish and Boz had evidently put in a lot of hours practicing as they flawlessly executed the dance routine.

The energy possessed by Ryan and Alexis was clear to all in attendance as soon as the music blasted from the speakers. Every movement of the young couple flowed smoothly and their routine was near perfect. Both spectators and judges watched with awe at the exciting performance. There were twirls and integrated steps that were beautifully complemented with lifts and stretches that we have seen only from highly seasoned professionals. We certainly think that both Garrish and Boz are in the professional league already despite being so young! As the song continues, the routine remains fresh and riveting.

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