A naked woman is hiding in this picture – are you one of the few who can spot her?


Optical illusions are a great way of giving our brains a work out. It’s important that we test areas of our brain with different quizzes and exercises that make us think.

These brain teasers come in all shapes and sizes, some are math-based, some involve words and others are pictures — that aren’t quite what they seem.

But the best illusions, I think, are those that have been created in real-life photographs.

When I first saw the work of German artist Jörg Düsterwald, I was stunned.

The bodypainter works with expert photographers to incorporate the human body into various natural landscapes and the results are captivating.

Many of his illusions have spread like wildfire online, perhaps because there are so few who can see the models in his pictures.

Now the challenge is on you – can you find the women in the following pictures?!

Do you see the naked woman in the picture below? Hint: She’s there somewhere among the tree trunks …

One of Jörg Düsterwald’s most popular illusions set in the beautiful forests of Lower Saxony in Germany. But can you spot the woman?