You may have heard of feng shui, which is the Chinese practice of creating more energy by placing furniture and other objects in certain positions, according to HGTV, but have you ever heard of feng fu?

The Chinese practices of acupuncture and acupressure use a similar belief system, paired with the study of pressure points, to help increase your energy, improve sleep, relieve pain and perhaps even reduce symptoms from certain diseases, Start of Happiness says.
This practice involving the feng fu point is used as part of Chinese acupuncture, but can easily be incorporated into your routine at home. Using only an ice cube on the back of your neck, feng fu is said to help fight off colds, boost your breathing and promote more inner peace, according to Hit the News. 
Stimulating the feng fu
To begin, Start of Happiness recommends that you sit, leaning forward, or lie flat on your stomach. Using your fingers, find the feng fu spot which is located in the hollow space between your two neck muscles at the base of your skull. 
Place an ice cube on this spot and hold it in place (or let it sit there if you are lying down) for 20 minutes. That’s it. 
The initial cold feeling may be jarring at first, but after about a half minute, the cold sensation should be replaced by a hotter feeling at the feng fu point, Start of Happiness says. Try applying ice to your feng fu spot once or twice a week for maximum benefits. 
Pregnant women and individuals that suffer from epilepsy, schizophrenia or have a pacemaker are advised to skip this practice, according to Start of Happiness.  
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