She Agrees To His Plan For Makeover, Then Left Dumbfounded With New Look


Trying out a new look can be something that’s daunting to most people! As adults, we’ve been set in our ways and most of us don’t really like to change things up! Such was the case for this devoted mother and wife!

For years she’s put her family first and let her looks fall by the wayside – and after 20 years of allowing her hair to grow with a trim or two in between, she knew it was time for a change. That’s why she reached out to The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, and asked for his help…


The moment Christopher looked at her, he realized that this would be the biggest chunk of hair that he’s ever cut off. After careful contemplation and planning, Christopher decided what her new look would be and exactly how he would go about it!

Cutting off more than a foot of hair was going to be shocking for the woman – that’s why he made sure that she was onboard with the plans! If not, the final product could be something that left her speechless in a bad way.


Thankfully, she was ready to go with the flow and willing to get rid of her super long locks! Not only did Christopher plan to cut off more than a foot of hair, but he also wanted to spice up the color.

The woman revealed that her brother has natural strawberry blonde hair and Christopher could sense that she loved that hint of redness! So, after chopping off the length and refining the style, Christopher whipped up a gorgeous red color that would make her feel like a goodness instead of a frumpy mother.

Christopher asked his team for a bit of help sectioning off her hair and making sure it all turned out perfectly. No one could’ve guessed that the result would be this stunning…


The woman flipped around in her chair to see a gorgeous woman staring back at her in the mirror! She couldn’t believe that the new look was such a good fit.

Christopher gave the woman her confidence back! Looking into the camera, she admitted that she’s excited to see how her family will react to the new hairdo and fabulous makeup! It’s been 20 long years since she’s felt this good about her appearance and it’s something that she wants to keep doing forever.


Watch this stunning makeover unfold for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.