They Already Had 3 Boys And Wanted A Girl, So They Tried Again. But Her Belly Kept Growing


Home life for Chloe and Rohan Dunstan couldn’t have been better for them. They had a gorgeous family of three young boys. What they had built together as a young couple was their dream come true.

But things weren’t quite complete. Chloe and Rohan knew they wanted an even bigger family. If they had just one baby girl then things would feel perfect. The little baby was the missing piece to their puzzle. So they tried again and Chloe got pregnant.

Then Chloe’s belly started growing faster than she ever expected. It was a miracle in the making and mom couldn’t wait to find out if the baby was a girl. She already had a bunch of names in mind. But they never expected to hear these words from the ultrasound technician’s mouth…

Besides Chloe’s fast-growing baby bump, her hormones were through the roof. She also had strange cravings and that’s when it hit her. Something was different about this pregnancy. Maybe it really was a girl!

However, life as the Dunstans knew it was about to change because here is what Chloe wrote about the ultrasound moment on her Facebook page.

“We went into the ultrasound and the tech started the scan….  I was looking at the screen and I was pretty sure I could see two sacs. But I just thought ‘no way.’

“After a little bit of scanning she finally said to us, ‘I’ll tell you what I can see. I see one baby over here,’ and then she quickly moved the wand over and said, ‘and another baby over here.’

“I started crying and shaking. I said, ‘do you mean like, twins?!’

“I couldn’t believe it at all. I looked at Ro and he just looked like he had no idea what was happening.

“Then she moved the wand to show us something between the two babies [that] she had already shown us. She said, ‘and there’s a third one!’”

Within a second, Chloe and Rohan went from thinking about a family of six to a family of eight. Their brood was expanding much faster than they had ever imagined.

Right after the ultrasound technician gave Chloe the shocking news, the doctor entered with some bad news. He said that two of the three babies were in perfect health. But that the third was struggling to keep up. And there was a large chance that it would not survive.

The doctor told Chloe and Rohan that they could either take the risk or terminate the weaker one. They refused to do it. So the brave couple decided to give birth to all three babies prematurely in order to give the weak, third child a chance at life.

With the odds stacked against them, the Dunstans turned to God in their time of need. They prayed that all three babies would survive. And they did!

In the end, the Dunstans got what they wanted. They gave birth to a baby girl named Pearl. The other two were both boys named Henry and Rufus.

Life couldn’t be crazier in the Dunstan home but Chloe and Rohan wouldn’t want it any other way.

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