> Artist Tricks The Eye With Mind-Bending ”Swimming Pool”

Artist Tricks The Eye With Mind-Bending ”Swimming Pool”


At first, you may think you’re looking at an ordinary swimming pool — but one you notice the human beings “trapped” underneath the shimmering surface, you’ll know to take a second look.

In actuality, “Swimming Pool,” is an art installation by the Argentine artist Leandro Erlich, and it’s a feast for the mind and eyes. This is no pool, but an illusion.

According to Designrulz, “The top surface is filled with five inches of water that looks like a realistic pool. The people underneath the swimming pool can actually look above with realistic water effect on top of it. A layer of water only some 10 centimeters deep is suspended over transparent glass. Below the glass is an empty space with aquamarine walls that viewers can enter.”

Scroll down to see this mind-bending installation for yourself…

To create “Swimming Pool,” Argentine artist Leandro Erlich constructed a full-size pool. Only, there’s barely any water inside.


The only layer of water is on top, and it’s only 10 centimeters deep. The rest of the space is completely empty, separated by a piece of acrylic.


Visitors can freely walk, jump, and goof around in the underground section, surrounded by aquamarine walls.


From above the surface, it looks like people are deep underwater. Truly, truly amazing.


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