> Artist Uses Projection Mapping In Nature To Create A 'Bioluminescent Forest'

Artist Uses Projection Mapping In Nature To Create A ‘Bioluminescent Forest’


Artists Friedrich van Schoor and Tarek Mawad spent six weeks in the forest fascinated by all the little natural occurrences that bring the forest to life. Their interest in natural phenomena, especially in bioluminescence like the kind found in deep sea creatures, led to the concept of a “bioluminescent forest.” Schoor and Mawad designed intricate projections to bring their idea to life, and the results are absolutely breathtaking. Schoor and Mawad accentuate the natural and defining beauty of the forest through their projections, while also bringing an entirely new perspective to a familiar terrain.

What is so mind-blowing about what Schoor and Mawad did with this project is that they incorporated almost every kind of projection surface you can possibly imagine. It’s certainly not easy to perfectly map light onto the nooks of a tree, but at least the tree won’t get up and walk away. Schoor and Mawad projected onto small living creatures as well, working not just with the forest but also with its residents to give us a comprehensive idea of what a bioluminescent woodland would look like in its entirety. What they have created is an alternate, magical world that celebrates the beauty of nature and its phenomena, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

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