> Assailant Pins Her Down In A Car, But Notice What She Does With Her Hands...

Assailant Pins Her Down In A Car, But Notice What She Does With Her Hands…


Although we hope to never be in a situation where we have to use it, self defense is an important skill to have in case you cross paths with the wrong person.


By using the right form and grip, a significantly smaller individual can fend off a much larger attacker without needing any special tools or weapons.

Below is a basic written description of how to perform the move, but be sure to watch the short one minute clip below which shows the self defense move being used on a real “attacker.”

Keeping your body close to the attacker, you can control an their head and arms so they cannot punch you.

Then reach back, and get a good grip on their shirt with one hand.

Then use your other hand to grip the inside of the shirt and pull it tightly behind their head, causing them to choke out while being unable to punch you.

The instructor demonstrated how this choke can be used in tight situations, like the backseat of a car.



As seen by the video, the much smaller, female instructor can easily use leverage and positioning to choke out her “attacker.”

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