> Australian charity turns parking lot into haven for homeless to sleep at night

Australian charity turns parking lot into haven for homeless to sleep at night


homelessness is a worldwide problem, even the richest countries suffer from it. A person becomes a homeless because of uncontrollable things that change his life conditions such as personal tragedies or illnesses. Once your finances get critically low, it’s hard to start over and rebuild your life.

Many people are forced to sleep on the streets because there is nowhere for them to go. Some of them sleep in cardboard boxes and rummage through the garbage for food, clothing and recyclable cans.

Now, one charity decided that they would do something to help the people in their city. The charity organization Beddown in Australia devised a brilliant plan to help the homeless by turning places that weren’t used at night into shelters for people living in the streets.

One type of business that is commonly vacant at night is indoor parking lots. Beddown went to one of the largest Australian parking lot companies, Secure Parking, with the idea, and they decided to launch a trial of the idea for two weeks in Brisbane. The parking lots are transformed at night in order to help homeless people get a decent night of sleep.

Norman McGillivray, the Chairman of Beddown, came up with the idea one night when he was walking through a vacant parking lot. He realized that there is no reason why this type of space couldn’t serve as an interim place for people to sleep when they have no other option. As it turned out, all it took was a little bit of planning, and this novel idea turned into a reality.

Beddown continues with the idea of finding various places that aren’t used at night to convert the spaces into temporary sleeping areas. The organization looks for safe and secure spaces.

As the organization writes on its Instagram page,

“Sleep deprivation is a massive issue for our homeless, so being in a place that offers shelter and is safe, secure and comfortable we believe will have a big impact on those who use Beddown.”

Homeless people also have to be constantly vigilant about protecting their belongings out on the street because they’re out in the open and easy targets for theft. Losing the few belongings that you have left in the world is devastating. In addition to safe, comfortable beds, Beddown also provides healthcare services, haircuts, clothing and hygiene facilities.

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