This Award-Winning 9-Year-Old Photographer Takes Amazing Photos of Nature.


People love capturing moments on camera. Some of us are exceptionally talented at photography, and carry our skills into the professional world later in life.

Recently, Carlos Pérez Naval, a 9-year-old from Spain, was recognized for his passion for photography by the National History Museum in London. The museum gave Carlos the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for his amazing photography. This is no small feat, and one which took many hours, effort, and precise craft to earn. Check out some of Carlos’ award-winning photography below.

Here is Carlos Pérez Naval in action.

I love this picture. Capturing fleeting moments like this in nature is more difficult than you think.

This shot of an alligator gliding through the water is both beautiful and a little scary.

Woah, this is an awesome shot. The way he captured the sun and how the sunlight shines through the scorpion’s semi-translucent body is creepy and cool.

What!? This kid got a picture of a leopard? This is crazy awesome.

Here’s a gorgeous and unique bird. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I can’t imagine being a 9-year-old and getting this close to a gigantic bear.

This is an awesome shot of a water snake poking its head just above the water’s surface.

Look at this sweet picture of this tiny bird. That bird is straight chillin’.

Here are some seaside birds, searching through a beach for a meal. The use of focus in this shot is really nice.

Here’s a frog, relaxing in some cool sediment.

Plants gotta grow, and grasshoppers gotta eat.

Carlos is a very talented young man and it will be exciting to see how his talent flourishes in the future.


See more of Carlos’s work here.

I think it’s safe to say that, with this recognition, Carlos will have the motivation he needs to turn his passion into an artistic profession. I look forward to how he’ll be able to will bring the beauty of different natural habitats to people across the world in the future.