People rarely bake their own cakes anymore. Instead, we tend to drive to the supermarket when a big event comes along, order a sheet cake, and leave directions for what to write on top. This might seem a bit lazy, and to be honest, it is.

That’s why maybe we deserve some horribly literal baker fails. This is what you get for putting your cake making into someone else’s hands.

1.) I didn’t know we were celebrating my gardening skills.

2.) I think they intended for her to wear a “cap.” Not a cat.

3.) I think they were a tad literal.

4.) Wait, what?

5.) Huh?


6.) Unless that’s the fireworks in the shape of letters…

7.) Oh, classic CC.

8.) Yup, no biggie.

9.) I love bathday.

10.) What’s with these bakers?

11.) I guess we know who DIDN’T graduate at the top of their class.


12.) How is this misunderstanding even possible?

13.) Can we also discuss what the heck this cake is?

14.) Joyeux Anniversaire.

15.) Autocorrect does not exist in real life.

16.) Well, she did write it.

18.) You should have written it in size 12 font.

19.) I don’t think they got the message, Sheri.

20.) Maybe…Bennigan’s?

21.) Even I don’t understand the directions.

22.) Oh, do you?

23.) Umm, FAIL.

24.) But they didn’t get the color right!

(via BuzzFeed,viralnova)

At least when you make a cake yourself, you never end up with fails like this. Probably.

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