She Buys A Cooling Rack From The Dollar Store And Bends It In Half. What She Uses It For? BRILLIANT!


I don’t know about you, but there is one cabinet in my kitchen that always seems to be out of order. What is it? My spice section of course. Since my wife and I love to cook, we use spices often and don’t always put them back in order.

That’s how I stumbled upon Lori’s spice rack project. As part of her blog, The Stonybrook House, Lori committed to creating cost-effective DIY projects “without sacrificing quality and style.” And she delivered. That’s why I can proudly share this DIY spice rack project with you.

With only a $1 investment at her local dollar store per rack, Lori starts creating a spice rack that can organize her kitchen.

She goes to The Dollar Tree and buys three wire cooling racks which she’ll use to repurpose into spice racks.

Once you have the cooling racks, the rest of the project is easy. Grab your pliers and bend the legs. Make them as flat as possible.

Then bend the wire rack in half so it can hold your spices. Attach ribbon or some other string to hold it in place.

Simply screw it onto your pantry door and you’ve got a new DIY spice rack to organize your kitchen better.


Is this a DIY project that you could put to use this weekend?

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