Can you solve the wheel of fortune puzzle that’s sent the Internet into a frenzy?


With just five letters missing from this final puzzle, you’d think it would be pretty easy to solve. But when you take a look at it, you’ll quickly understand why the internet is confused over the result. Many people’s minds go to a shocking answer for the innocuous puzzle. But as you’ll see as the contestant struggles to solve it, this “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle is not as easy at it might appear.

As the final puzzle of the game, the contestant faced a final board that resembled something shocking:

The puzzle had already been filled automatically with the letters RSTLNE, like every final puzzle is. They then chose three more consonants and a vowel. It quickly changed to this:

_  _ C K

_  _     _ O R K

As you see just five letters are missing. They are all at the beginnings of the words. While it might appear like it would be easy, it is not. The contestant then had ten seconds to try to figure it out.

Before the contestant even had much time to pick the correct response, the users on Twitter already started unloading their best answers.

Here were some of the ones that went viral:

“Suck it dork!”

“The new blue dress/ gold dress. I saw ‘F*ck it Work,’” wrote one user.

“Pick at pork”

“Sick at work.”

“My mother’s answer to this was lick it dork. But suck it dork works too.”

Eventually one user decided to enlighten everyone that “suck it dork” couldn’t be the correct answer because RSTLNE had already been put on the board.

“Love this but we all know that RSTLNE are given so it caN’T POSSIBLY BE SUCK WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS.”

“What else could it be? And how dare Wheel of Fortune tell me to suck it?!?!”

A few other people shared their amusement at the occurrence.

“I wouldn’t of been able to answer the puzzle because I would be on the floor laughing.”

Eventually the answer was revealed. What do you think it is?


Did you guess the correct answer? Or did you think it was something else?

Hundreds of people wrote in their thoughts on BuzzFeed. Here were a few of the most popular comments:

“I must not be dirty enough, because ‘back at work’ was the first thing I saw. Lol”

“same, that or I’ve watched Wheel too much and know what sort of phrase they use”

“I thought it was F*** It Dork, but then again my mind always seems to be in the gutter, I’m just surprised it wasn’t one of the options!”

“I’m frankly amazed that enough other people thought of ‘Pick at Pork’ for it to be an option… That was the very first possibility I puzzled out. Hm.”

“The player gets a category before they see the puzzle so they aren’t just pulling random words … to fill in the blanks

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