> I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Done THIS To My Hamburgers. This Is My New Favorite Trick. SO GOOD!

I Can’t Believe I’ve Never Done THIS To My Hamburgers. This Is My New Favorite Trick. SO GOOD!


Having a barbecue can be stressful, especially when things can get messy, out of hand, and expensive.  These backyard BBQ hacks should help make every aspect of having a backyard function easier for cheaper!

Some of these ideas are really unique, and will be a no brainier once you try them.

1.) No Cooler?  Use A Wagon!

No cooler does not mean no fun.  Grab a wagon, throw in some ice, and then your drinks.  It will work just as well, and now you will be able to roll it around!


2.) Onion Priming

Onion flavor on those savory grilled items is a five star quality, and it’s easy to achieve with this easy hack!  Priming the rack of your grill with onion once heated will cause for less sticking of the burgers and that savory onion flavor.


3.) Sticky Fingers Station

A classic problem with barbecues are those sticky fingers touching everything.  Having a simple sink or wash bucket nearby will solve the problem instantly, and allow for easier eating!


4.) Muffin Pan Condiments

Putting condiments in a muffin pan allow for greater organization of what you have, and easier serving with no bottle to throw out too much too fast.


5.) Heat BBQ Sauce In A Tinfoil Bowl

Making your own tinfoil bowl is super easy, and even a little fun!  If you do this, there will be no need to heat up your BBQ sauce in the oven separately.


6.) Cooler Boiled Corn

If you need to make a lot of corn on the cob super fast, throw the corn into the cooler and pour boiling water over the corn.  Close the lid and wait 30 minutes.  When you come back you will have soft, sweet corn for the table.


7.) Serve Salad In Jars

Fruit salad, Caesar salad, or whatever salad you have will be better served in a large glass jar.  This will keep out bugs, and still show off the beauty of the fruits and vegetables inside.


8.) Dirty Dishes Bin

This will consolidate all the dirty dishes in one spot, so you don’t need to worry about going out to find them.


What do you think of these backyard BBQ tips?  Are you going to try any of these out?  Let us know in the comments below!