Her Cat Stole The Puppy’s Bed. The Pup’s Reaction? HILARIOUS!


Any pet parent who has multiple fur babies knows that raising four-legged little ones can be a lot like having human babies.

They fight, then they’re friends. They share, then they steal. It’s a constant back and forth! However, there is one thing in the world no human or animal EVER really wants to give up for someone else to use…their bed!

This hysterical video is a perfect example of what happens when someone decides to sleep where they’re not supposed to. Pixel is an adorable black-and-white spotted French bulldog puppy. One look at this guy and you’ll fall in love — but the family cat isn’t going to let this new baby in the house without showing Pixel who’s the boss.

The cat decides that Pixel’s cozy bed is the purrrrfect place to take a little breather. However, the 10-week-old pup isn’t going to give up his spot without a fight.

What the dog does has me in stitches! Something tells me that these siblings are going to have a very hilarious relationship.

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