Celine Dion Begins Singing Christmas Classic, And No One Else Can Come Close To Her Version


When it comes to Christmas songs, there’s nothing out there that epitomizes holiday cheer more than the actual real deal “The Christmas Song.” You might be more familiar with the lyrics than the song’s title, although not too many folks these days are lucky enough to experience the wonderful scent of “chestnuts roasting over an open fire.”

However, one thing we are all lucky enough to hear is the incredible voice that sings this tune live at the Rockefeller Center. It’s none other than Celine Dion!



Her live performance opens with the always-beautiful Celine sitting on a stool, surrounded by a stunning backdrop of Christmas trees, candles, and poinsettias. The French-Canadian crooner is wearing a gorgeous strapless dress, but as soon as she starts to sing, it’s her gorgeous lilt that’s capturing the audience’s attention.

It’s absolutely beautiful – I could listen to this all day! As usual, her soft angelic sounds are perfect, and hit all the right notes in exactly all the right places.



Celine’s audience at this candle lit event is simply enraptured by her voice and the song. The mood has been set with beautifully lit Christmas trees and the perfect lighting.

Her soft singing really puts people in the Christmas mood. It’s definitely a performance to remember!



Although it has been said many times, and in many different ways, there’s no better way to feel the holiday cheer than having one of the most amazing voices on the planet look you right in the eyes and say, “Merry Christmas to you.” This Christmas classic is bringing joy to all!

But, wait until the very end, when Celine gets up off the stool and surprises the audience with a very unique 1980s cover that will make you feel like your “heart” is never “alone” during the holidays.



Watch the video below to see why people can’t get enough of Celine Dion’s singing and this song in particular!