> Chef Decorates Wedding Cake In Just Five Minutes

Chef Decorates Wedding Cake In Just Five Minutes


“This ‘White Wedding’ could take honors in any line-up of wedding designs, and will add one more splendorous memory to this all important occasion,” writes Chef Tony of Pastry Palace in Las Vegas. According to the information on his YouTube channel, the chef has over 20 years of cake decorating experience and specializes in custom wedding cakes. A look at Pastry Palace’s Facebook page showcases everything from a Disney cake with Frozen characters to elaborate multi-tiered wedding cakes.

In this video, Chef Tony shows how he can decorate this simple, yet beautiful, wedding cake in just five minutes. “It’s astonishing what can be accomplished with a single round white tier, when layers and layers of white are applied, one on top of the other. The lacey doily effect that covers the top and drapes down the side is edged with a delicate woven edge, then additional sculpted trim, to give this design texture and that ‘oooooh’ factor,” states the YouTube description.

Watch the video below to see how a wedding cake master reveals his secrets for the camera. Prepare to “oooooh.”