Children Refuse To Help Their Parents, So They Live In A Store Parking Lot


It’s hard to hear because we know it happens too often. Gordon and Dee Head are in their 70s. They moved across the country from Texas to Florida when Gordon was promised a job at a hospital.

When Gordon and his wife arrived, he was told there was no job. Unable to access his veteran retirement benefits, the couple is forced to live off of social security, which isn’t enough for a place to live.

The couple was living in their car located in a store parking lot for weeks with their three dogs. What’s even more heartbreaking: the couple said their adult children didn’t seem to care.

Then something unexpected happened. Brandi Dussing, her sister, and friend saw the couple sleeping in the car. Dussing insisted she wanted to buy food for the couple and their dogs.

Then she did them one better. She found foster homes for their three dogs while the Heads figured things out, then Dussing shared their story on Facebook. Since then, she has raised over $14,500 for the couple on YouCaring.

“The day I asked God to send us some angels, they started showing up,” Gordon said.

Because one person decided to stop and help the Heads, they now have a place to live. Dussing actions shows us all that one tiny action can have a massive effect.

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