Chubby woman feeds herself graciously, starves her dogs to death!


The woman that you see in these photos may appear to be a friendly sort; but nothing could be further from the actual truth.

She is actually responsible for the deaths of two separate dogs and the cruel irony is that the cause of their death is actually starvation….hard to believe, right?

Her neighbor Emily made this startling discovery when she went to check on the woman’s property.

Instead of simply turning a blind eye to the abuse; she decided to take matters into her own hands and we are certainly glad that she did; as there is no excuse for this type of behavior.

We do not know what would possess a person to sit around and stuff their own face all day; while allowing their animals to suffer and starve.

It takes a special brand of selfishness to behave in such a cruel way and we sincerely hope that this woman is brought to justice for her monstrous actions.

According to Emily, the dogs were also mistreated in various other ways; as their owner would regularly leave them tied up outside and force them to brave inclement conditions.

These poor animals faced a life without food, water and shelter and our hearts go out to these poor babies.

There is obviously more to this story than meets the eyes and we are curious as to why Emily would allow the dogs to remain outside for days on end if she knew for a fact that they were being mistreated by their utterly despicable owner.

This story definitely needs to be shared with a wider audience; so that animal abuse can finally be brought to a swift and decisive end.

No living creature should ever be made to suffer in the manner that these animals did and we implore our readers to spread awareness about cases like these.