> A Clean And Easy Way To Open A Pomegranate

A Clean And Easy Way To Open A Pomegranate


pmegranates are a wonderful fall fruit. When I start to see them in my produce aisle, I know the holidays are just around the corner. High in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, they also make a great treat. The problem with fresh pomegranate, however, has always been that they can be difficult and messy to crack open. As much as I delighted in their unique flavor, I used to avoid getting them.

This video changes everything. A few simple cuts, and you can have a handful of fresh pomegranate seeds with no mess, and no bowl full of water. Sprinkle some into a salad, or over some freshly cut persimmon for a lovely appetizer. I like to serve them mixed with dark chocolate chips in a bowl for a little treat while entertaining.

Now that you know this awesome trick, how will you serve up some pomegranate?