She Collected Ordinary Cinder Blocks, Made Something Brilliant For The Whole Family


Cinder blocks aren’t normally considered the material of DIY legends. But, they’re worth having a second look! At first glance, these plain gray blocks probably seem pretty boring, but once you see what you can do with them you will certainly be impressed.

Double Duty Furniture

This adorable futon couch comes with its own shoe storage shelves, which means your children have no excuse for leaving footwear lying all over the floor. It’s super easy for the kiddos to stash their shoes into tiny cinder block cubby holes before they put their feet up on the couch.


Step It Up A Notch

This may not be the stairway to heaven, but it’s certainly a step up when it comes to saving money. It’s also both practical and easy to make, too! All you have to do is fill the cinder blocks with gravel to create your own set of DIY stairs that won’t break the bank.


All Fired Up

Who needs an expensive propane BBQ grill when you can build a DIY fire pit grill with bricks and cinder blocks? Okay, so you probably won’t be able to make much more than hot dogs and S’mores with this, but at least you won’t have to make a special camping trip to make the delightfully gooey dessert treats!



Stock Up On Wood

Keeping firewood stacked together without having it roll all over the place can sometimes be quite a challenge. If you want a practical way to keep your firewood nice and tidy, then look no further than this cinder block firewood holder. All you need are two cinder blocks and four wood planks. Place the planks at an angle inside the cinder block holes to create this makeshift firewood holder.


Pinterest/CJ Martin

Rest Your Feet

Wood benches can sometimes be a little bit on the pricey side. If you want a place to rest your weary feet after playing in your garden, then make this cute bench with eco-friendly recycled wood and cinder blocks.



Make A Whole Space Of It

Yes, it’s entirely possible to create a cozy outdoor space in a tiny back yard! It’s as easy as transforming a few cinder blocks into comfy couches. Add a few thick cushions, and your patio is now an extension of your home. What a great way to create a relaxing gathering space for intimate get-togethers!



Cinder Block Garden

There are a lot of great ways to do a bit of container gardening in your backyard, but cinder blocks beat them all! The empty square spaces are perfectly proportioned for housing mini gardens. Plus, you can stack them up high, and customize the exterior with various colors of paint!


Trendy TV Stand

Entertainment centers that come with plenty of shelf space usually also come with a high price tag attached to it. If you’re pinching pennies, then this DIY cinder block TV stand not only does the job, but it can also fit into any shabby chic decor! Check out this great tutorial that shows you how to make a TV stand similar to the one pictured below.



Bedside Table

Sometimes simplicity is all you need, and this bedside table is just about the simplest “furniture” project out there! There are no instructions required for this one – just stack three cinder blocks together to “make” this nightstand. The addition of a small plant and a few books is all that’s needed to help you stick to the simplistic design theme.



Raise It Up

Raised garden beds are usually needed in places where the ground is too hard to grow plants. The great thing about using cinder blocks for raised gardens is the fact that little critters will have fewer ways to gain access to your tender little plants. That also means there will also be more strawberries left for you!


Facebook/Grant Cagann

$3.00 Grill

If you have a hankering for a nice char-grilled kebab, but don’t won’t to spend money on a fancy BBQ, then make this $3 grill instead. Since the cinder blocks don’t have holes in them, other than the obvious ones, your fire will stay put. Toss in a few chunks of charcoal, and you’ll be minutes away from eating tasty meat-on-a-stick.


I never gave much thought to using cinder blocks for anything, but these DIY projects have certainly changed my mind! Which inexpensive project is at the top of your list?