Cop Buys Car Seat For Struggling Father After Pulling Him Over


Have you ever been pulled over by the police? Generally, it’s not a very pleasurable experience, and it’s one you usually end up paying dearly for. Lavante Dell thought this very thing when he was pulled over in his Impala, but as it turned out, he wouldn’t be paying for anything.

Officer Joshua Scaglione of the Westland, Michigan Police Department was on duty when he spotted Dell’s Impala driving with tinted windows. Turning on his siren and flicking on the lights, he pulled the car over to inquire about the illegal windows. It was then that Officer Scaglione saw little Lauren in the back of the vehicle—and without a car seat.

Quickly switching gears, the police officer asked Dell why his 3-year-old daughter was not riding in a car seat, and the man answered as he fought back tears, explaining that it was due to some tough times. Scaglione then asked Dell to step out of the vehicle. But it wasn’t to place him under arrest, or even to issue him a ticket, it was to give him privacy to explain his situation further, away from the innocent ears of his little girl.

Scaglione listened as Dell went on to say how financially he had been struggling to keep his household above water, and that things like car seats were given low priority below necessities like gas and food. The officer listened, as he empathized with the man who seemed to just want to provide for his family. Officer Scaglione then asked that Dell get back into his car and follow him to the local Walmart. The two men then walked in and headed straight to the car-seat isle, where the police officer picked out and paid for a seat to give to Dell and his daughter.

Touched, Dell has recently reached on Facebook in order to thank the officer that showed him such kindness. If only all stories of being pulled over ended this well! SHARE the love, pass it on.