White Couple Adopts Black Children And IVF Embryos


Ayoung couple that was brought together by their religious faith decided early on in their relationship that they would adopt children. They are pro-life and believe that adoption is a logical decision for people who are supportive of this ideology.  What makes this couple unique from others who typically adopt is that they specifically decided to adopt non-Caucasian children.

Rachel and Aaron Halbert were unable to conceive naturally and they saw it as a sign from God that they weren’t supposed to have fully Caucasian children.

Aaron grew up in Honduras while his parents served as missionaries in the area. He was used to being the only white face among his peers, which helped increase his cultural awareness and made him feel comfortable around other races.

His wife, Rachel, on the other hand, grew up in the Mississippi delta and didn’t have the same exposure to other races, but she was still compassionate toward every human.

The couple finally adopted two black children.



They loved how much enrichment their multicultural family brought them. They reveled in the fact that Rachel had to seek advice from black friends about how to properly care for her daughter’s hair or how Aaron is the only white face among a group of blacks when he takes his son to the barbershop for a haircut, yet he converses freely and happily with the group. Their children have really given them a unique perspective about life.



This couple’s adoption story doesn’t end there. When they learned about the National Embryo Donation Center, a Christian embryo bank that accepts frozen embryos that are created during a couple’s IVF treatment, the couple decided to adopt two more black children. One of the embryos divided and so Rachel gave birth to triplets!



As remarkable as this couple’s story is, they often face criticism from the community. Some people are appalled by their decision to have raised children who are of a different race and the disparagement comes from both blacks and whites.



Of course, not every person looks at this family negatively. Many others are moved by the Halberts choice to have a large multicultural family.

This is truly a unique modern family.

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