Cop Pulls Over 5 Old Ladies For Driving Too Slow, Can’t Stop Laughing At Her Excuse


It’s no secret to anyone who’s driven a car that older folks usually stay out of the fast lane. But when one cop spotted a car full of elderly women driving a meager 22 miles per hour on a busy highway, he turned on his siren. After all, driving that slowly could be just as dangerous as speeding.

Only, that was before he heard the reason why they were driving so slowly.

After the radar gun read a ridiculously slow 22 mph, the officer pulled the old ladies over. When he walked up to the car window, he saw there were two ladies up front and three in the back.


All of the women except the driver were white as ghosts. Confused, the driver asked, “Officer, I don’t understand. I was going exactly the speed limit!” The policeman took the time to explain that driving too slow can also be dangerous.

She looked baffled. “Under the speed limit? I was doing exactly the limit!” she said proudly before pointing to a road sign. The officer then realized the issue and chuckled. “That’s route 22! Not 22 miles per hour!” he replied. Though embarrassed, the driver thanked him for pointing out her mistake.


But before he let them go, the officer had to ask: “Ma’am is everyone in this car alright? They looks quite shaken and haven’t spoken a word.” She just smiled and said, “Oh they’ll be alright. We just got off of route 119.”


LOL! Well, at least they didn’t make it to Interstate 495.

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