I Couldn’t Fathom How A Video Got 25 Million Views In 3 Days. But Once You Watch It, You’ll See Why


Dogs understand right from wrong no matter how much they try to make you believe otherwise. When they’re caught doing something “bad,” dogs are pretty quick to display their guilt. They’ll sulk and put a downcast expression on. Plus, their body languagecompletely shifts.

But in this new video, one yellow Labrador retriever has been caught doing something bad. She is desperate to win back the affection of her owner so she does everything she can. The result is the cutest animal video so far from 2016…

Meet Ettore the Labrador. She’s the dog who’s just been caught doing something bad.

She’s so overwhelmed with guilt, she cannot hide it from her owner. But that’s not all. She also wants to get her owner to love her again. Like he hasn’t stopped loving her for a second…Who wouldn’t love Ettore?

But when her owner Anthony Federica Granai confronts her about her misbehavior, she puts her head down and pushes it against her owner’s chest. It’s perhaps one of the cutest animal gestures I’ve ever seen.

Throughout the clip, Granai “refuses” to forgive the dog. He keeps saying “no,” and Ettore keeps pressing her head against him and pawing him.

She looks tortured for having upset her master.

Can you believe just how cute this dog is being?

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