Andrew and Gabriella Morrison is a couple that decided to exit the rat race and days of paying large mortgages. Instead, they built their own tiny home for $33,000 ($22,000 for house and the rest on modern day appliances).

This might not look like much from the outside, but wait until we step inside.
This pair wanted to live mortgage free but still stylish. They decided to build their own tiny home. The entire construction time took about 4 months. Having backgrounds in construction, Andrew and Gabriella designed their home inside and out.
The interior is absolutely stunning and also one of the most modern tiny homes we’ve seen with upgraded appliances.
Even the kitchen has carefully thought out details: wine glass rack, planters, etc.
Because the home has a smaller physical footprint, the couple saves money each month on utilities and other bills.
This home may be tiny, but there’s definitely space to relax and even play guitar.
The way the couple has arranged the space maximizes usage and efficiency. The shoe and coat storage not only are functional but also make the space feel more cozy.

Even the family dog is a fan!

What do you think? Are you ready to build your own tiny house?
Crédits: hOMe
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