> Couple Creates Hilarious Time Lapse Of Growing Pregnancy Belly

Couple Creates Hilarious Time Lapse Of Growing Pregnancy Belly


Back in 2014, Merav and his wife received the news they’d be waiting for — they were pregnant with a second. But the happy couple wasn’t about to let the nine months of the pregnancy go by without coming up with a brilliant way to commemorate her growing belly. In fact, Merav had something very special in mind.

Week after week, Dad took more than 2000 photos of his pregnant wife using stop motion technology. Each frame was separately taken, edited and uploaded to capture pregnancy in all its “funny, happy, exhausting, emotional” glory. Not only that, but he also added brilliant little touches to the editing process to playfully demonstrate how fast the baby is growing. This is such a creative idea! I also love how we can also see a cameo from the family dog, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his newest sibling.

In the end, the precious new baby finally makes his YouTube debut. We’ve seen stop-motion time lapse videos before, but this one is definitely my new favorite. Amazing job, you guys!

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