Couple Whines They Are Too Fat To Work, Has Outrageous Demands For Taxpayers


When this couple topped the scale at 750 pounds combined, they decided to use their obesity to their advantage and live off the government and the taxpayer. Because they knew the government would be all too happy to submit to their complaint, they showed up at the benefits office and simply stated that they were “too fat to work.”

While Stephen Beer and Michelle Coombe claim that they want nothing more than the ability to maintain a steady job, their excessive weight is simply too big of an obstacle for them. Despite their ludicrious claims, the government of the United Kingdom ate it up. And this “helpless” couple rakes in a large amount of cash every month straight from the taxpayer’s pocket…

While neither Stephen or Michelle work a job, they take home a staggering $26,000 every year from the United Kingdom’s disability benefits. And their disability is simply being “too fat” to work.

Is this really a claim the government should take seriously? Or should they offer them an exercise and diet plan to help them shed a few pounds to live a more healthy life?

In the beginning, Stephen and Michelle claimed that every taxpayer dollar they took home was being spent on caretakers and other support since they are too fat to care for themselves.

But a documentary filmmaker did a little bit of digging, and guess what they found? The money was being used for a lot of other things including luxuries most taxpayers will never experience in their lives…

The filmmakers behind “Benefits: Too Fat To Work” followed the scammers as they abused the system to live off other people’s hard work. The couple used their benefit money to plan a lavish winter wedding. The money was supposed to be used on caretakers and other medical concerns, but instead it went to extreme, selfish luxury.

According to the documentary, the “too fat” couple spent more than $4,000 of their benefits on their “dream wedding” which included a duck plate, ornate decorative fixtures, expensive invitations, and buffet-style catering for the wedding party.

Beer and Coombe live off taxpayers. They get to have a bountiful lifestyle without needing to work.

But their welfare abuse does come at a cost. As Stephen Beer told This Morning, he knows what he is doing is wrong and immoral.

“The government [is] making it easy for people like us. I don’t think I deserve benefits – I put myself in the situation. I’m trying to sort myself out.”

Although Beer knowns he doesn’t “deserve benefits,” he is still happy to take as much money as the government is willing to give him for being “too fat to work.” Is this right?

Beer claims companies won’t hire him because of his weight. But that seems like a lie. He states that he is working diligently to convince prospective employers that he is the man for the job – whatever job they are willing to give him.

Check out the “too fat to work” couple’s interview with This Morning below.

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