> She Cut Off The Top Of The Pringles Can, And Then Put It In The Bathroom. Now She Uses It Every Day

She Cut Off The Top Of The Pringles Can, And Then Put It In The Bathroom. Now She Uses It Every Day


After all the Pringles had been eaten, she called dibs on the empty container. What she does with it is so smart!

Pringles are a popular snack food, and for good reason. The chips are the perfect size and always stay fresh, mostly because of the air-tight container they come in.

Plus, the Pringles tube is the perfect size for a cup holder on road trips. Snacking purposes aside, though, the Pringles can has a million other possible uses that you’ve probably never considered.

Here are 10 amazing ways to recycle empty Pringles cans that you’ll want to give a shot right away!

1. Plastic bag storage


Don’t let those plastic grocery bags take over your drawers and cabinets a second longer! Contain all of the bags you have in a skinny Pringles container. All you have to do is add some cute paper to the outside and cut a wide hole in the lid to push the bags through! Check it out here.

2. Cookie gift box


Cookies are a great gift, but sometimes it’s hard to transfer them without turning all of them into cookie crumbs instead! Pringle containers will keep the stack safe and in tact. Just make sure you don’t bake them too big! Check it out here.

3. Cotton pad dispenser


If these little cotton pads aren’t in your beauty routine, then there’s a whole other conversation we need to have. If they are, though, this is really the most convenient, and cutest, way to store them. Check it out here.

4. Pasta jar


This one might be the best idea yet. It looks like the Pringles cans were made specifically to fit spaghetti noodles! How could you not use them for pasta? Check it out here.

5. Paint roller holder


When you have a wet paint roller that you’re not done using, you can easily store it in the tube! It’s the perfect length, and you’ll be thankful to not have paint all over the floor. Check it out here.

6. Tea light candlestick


This is such a fun craft to make, and it’s super simple. Twine wrapped around the outside of the can transforms the once chip holder into beautiful home decor. Check it out here.

7. Phone speaker


The shape of the chip can is perfect for amplifying sound. All you have to do is cut a hole big enough to fit your phone, and you have a speaker to use that didn’t cost $150. Check it out here.

8, Hair straightener stand


If you use your straightener almost every day, chances are you rarely put it away. This is the perfect way to keep it stored and not taking up space while still being right there for you to grab in the morning. Check it out here.

9. Flower vase


You will have to add something to the inside of the vase to keep the flower water from soaking the cardboard Pringles can, but it’s a fun craft and the result is a beautiful narrow vase. Check it out here.

10. Bangles


Your young girls will love making these Pringles can bracelets. The circumference of the can is perfect for a bangle, and decorating each one in a unique way is a treat.