She Cuts A Pinky-Sized Hole Into Bubble Wrap. The Reason? GENIUS!!


If you’ve ever planned a special event — a wedding, a baby shower, an engagement party — you’ll know that it can get pretty expensive. The food, the decor, the invitations? It all adds up really quickly.

And then, just when you think you have everything planned and purchased, you suddenly remember: the flowers. And we all know how expensive florists can be. It can be an unwelcome financial burden on what is supposed to be a joyous occasion.

But if there’s one wonderful thing about this crazy, internet-obsessed time period, it’s the return to homemade, from scratch, “Do It Yourself” craftiness! And with talented bloggers like Christine De Beer, it’s easier than ever to throw a beautiful shindig on just a few pennies!

In her brilliant tutorial below, Christine shows us how to make a beautiful, elegant centerpiece without the expensive service of a florist. With her help, your tables are guaranteed to ooze class and sophistication — and no one will ever guess it was so cheap!

I don’t think I have any fancy parties coming up, but I’ll be sure to remember this amazing trick for when I do! Will you be using it?

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First, cut out a disk of bubble wrap. Make it slightly smaller than the petals or flower base.


Christine de Beer

Then, fold the bubble wrap, and cut a hole in it for the stem.


Christine De Beer

Christine reminds us that the heavier the flower, the bigger the bubble wrap raft needs to be.


Christine De Beer

Slip the flower stem through the raft’s hole.


Christine De Beer

Cut the stem as short as necessary.


Christine De Beer

Then set it in the water! And voila! It floats!

65voila! It floats!

Christine De Beer

Keep repeating these steps, and you’ll soon have a floating sea of beautiful flowers!


Christine De Beer

You could fill a bird bath, a vintage tub, a rustic barrel — anything!


Christine De Beer

Or place them in individual glasses and line them up. Your table will be instantly transformed into a chic spread.


Wedding Fanatic

With a bouquet of roses and a cheap fishbowl, your event will definitely be a photogenic one!


Blossom Wedding Flowers

You could even add in some simple, inexpensive tea candles for a romantic glow.



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