Dad Buys Old Door For $10, Transforms It Into A Gorgeous Piece For The Home


Doors are something that get a lot of use in our homes with them opening and closing all the time. That means after time your doors will need replacing.

But you don’t need to kick them to the curb. There are lots of things you can do with your old door.

Here are some ideas for repurposing old doors:

1) Accent Table

This door was combined with a half table and shelf to create an adorable garden station or accent table.


2) Room Dividers

These glass doors were repositioned and used to create a closed-off little nook.


3) Bedframe Accent

This vintage glass door was positioned above a bed frame to create a shabby chic looking accent piece for your bedroom.


4) BookShelf

This design combines a few doors to make a sweet bookshelf.


5) Mirror

This door was repurposed into a mirror along with a convenient hook to hang clothing from.


6) Shelf

A few floating shelves were added to this old door to make a neat shelf.


7) Headboard

This door is now a headboard that includes a convenient lamp.


8) Table

You can make a sweet outdoor table by attaching some legs to your door.


9) Family Calendar

You can slap a coat of some chalkboard paint to create a unique family calendar.


10) Bathroom Organizer

Why go out and buy an expensive bathroom organizer when all you need to do is attach a simple hanging shelf and towel rack to an old door.


11) Garden Shed

This garden shed is absolutely adorable and was made with a few old doors.


12) Picture Display

You can use an old door to create this adorable photo display.


13) Coat Hanger

A few hooks and a few crates were added to this old door to make this really cool coat hanger.


14) Coffee Table

Need a coffee table? Chop up a door, put it back together again in the shape of a box and add some caster to it.

Source: Pinterest

15) Garden Trellis

The frames of this door was salvage and repurposed into a garden trellis.

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