Dad Comes Up With Ingenious Grooming Hack For Dog That Hates Having His Nails Clipped


There are few things dogs hate more than going to the vets and getting groomed. But when one owner realised his little dog was terrified of having his nails cut, which is definitely the worst part of the grooming process for most dog,s he came up with an ingenious plan.



Everyone has since been amazed by his idea and will no doubt be trying this out with there beloved pups. One Twitter user replied “This is the best thing I’ve seen all day,” whilst another wrote “Your dad is a genius and must be protected at all costs.”


When his daughter Kendal Peifer saw what her dad had done, she just had to share it online with her friends. Since she posted the hilarious images it’s racked up over 85,000 retweets, with 50,000 of those coming in just 48 hours.


Patrick, the dogs owner said. “I made sure to give him nibbles of his favorite treat (string cheese) for every nail I finished.” He also added that it is important to take into the dogs temperament before trying this at home “It worked well for me because Oliver is pretty small, and I knew he probably wouldn’t freak out,” he said. “You have to know your dog, and it obviously would not work for a larger dog.”

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