Dad Transforms Bunk Beds Into Whimsical Playhouse For Daughters


Mom and dad, Cassity and Justin, wanted to do something special for their daughters (albeit on a very modest budget). They decided to transform something as simple as a plain old Ikea bunk bed into a jaw-dropping playhouse. I think both kids and adults will be impressed with this whimsical project that only cost the family around $250. Can you imagine, a few months savings becoming this? It goes to show that with a little elbow grease and planning, no one has to settle for the dull old furniture you get at the department store!

Every little girl or little boy always dreams of having their own fort or playhouse. A place where they can feel unburdened by the outside world and let their imagination run amok. I think many adults still long for the days where an act as simple as closing their eyes can transport them into an entirely different world. The playhouse will definitely allow their little girl to do that! Mom and dad created a bright blue two-story playhouse, using each bed as a floor. And because the family is renting the home, they even created it so that they can take it with them if they move.

Watch at the very end as the girls gleefully enters their new clubhouse. It’s pure joy!

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