> Her Daughter Came Inside Screaming. When Her Mom Sees Her Hand? Pure Panic. But The Cause? YIKES!

Her Daughter Came Inside Screaming. When Her Mom Sees Her Hand? Pure Panic. But The Cause? YIKES!


Playgrounds are supposed to be fun, safe, interactive, and engaging places for children to have fun and make friends, but that is not always the case.  While some parents might be worried about creepy people looking at their children with nefarious thoughts, there might be more prominent dangers lying on the ground, as was learned by one unfortunate little girl who was at the park one day.

Kiley Cook from Grandbury, Texas, was just trying to play with her friends and have a good time at school like they do every day when she felt a sudden, severe pain, and looked down to see something awful.

Kiley was playing with her friends when she put her hand down and was bitten by a copperhead snake.  Copperheads are a dangerous breed of snakes that have the capability to severely injure, or even kill a human being with one bite.

Nataly Horn was actually at the school when her daughter got bitten, so she was able to to rush over to Kiley’s aid when the incident happened.

Luckily for America’s speedy healthcare system, Kiley was flown to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, where she was immediately treated for the snake bite.

It is scary to think about how common these incidences are with little ones, as the hospital sees between 17 and 25 children every year for snake bites like this, and that’s only one hospital!

What is saddest to hear about is what Kiley had to go through in the snake bite ordeal.  She had her fingers, hand, and entire arm swollen up.  In fact, her finger turned completely black!

I can imagine how much an incident like this would traumatize me for the rest of my life if this happened to me when I was just a child.

As a part of making sure this doesn’t happen at this day care again, employees vowed they would examine the playground before the children are let out so they can check for snakes and any other dangerous animals.

Though these efforts are being made, little can guarantee the safety from nasty animals because a lot of the time they go completely undetected.

If you don’t live in Texas, don’t think you are safe from snakes either!  In fact this specific type of snake, the Copperhead, is even more commonly found in North America, specifically the North East.

If you are outdoors anywhere, always be sure to keep a lookout for snakes, and other venomous animals that might live in your area.  The number one way to protect yourself is to be aware of the creatures and critters that live in your town or region that may harm you so that you can spot them if you need to!

Nataly Horn said just before he daughter went out to play, she was actually in the playground and the area was completely safe, meaning the snake snuck in and nobody even noticed.  Keep a keen eye, and keep safe!

Have you ever been bitten by a venomous animal before?  Let us know in the comments below!