> DaveHax demonstrates simple tricks for keeping warm this winter

DaveHax demonstrates simple tricks for keeping warm this winter


Who would have thought that three tea light candles could heat a room? You’ll be surprised at what you can do with a few simple items you have lying around the house in this video by Dave Hax, in which Dave demonstrates a series of tips and tricks to stay warm in the winter.

Many of the tips are simple and intuitive. Most of us know to pile on the layers to fend off the winter chill, eat hot food and beverages, and close the curtains. But once he dispenses with the basics, Dave pulls off his knit wool beanie and puts on his creativity hat. One of his best hacks is a door draft guard made with a pair of pantyhose and cardboard wrapping paper tubes, which we can’t wait to try after we wrap up all those holiday gifts. Another great hack is a space heater assembled with tea light candles, three garden pots and a quarter. Sorry, geraniums. You had a good thing going out there on the patio, but we need your pots to heat the living room.

Dave Hax, whom Starre Vartan of Mother Nature Network (MNN) touts as “one of the most successful lifehackers on YouTube,” has amassed over 1.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel with his creative solutions for everyday problems. So next time you need to know how to draw a circle, win at tic-tac-toe or cook an egg inside a hamburger, Dave Hax has you covered.