Devastated Bride Thinks DJ Ruined First Dance, Screams ‘Oh My God!’ When She Looks Up On Stage


There is such a long to-do list when planning a wedding. All a couple can do is prepare as much as possible for the big day ahead — and cross their fingers that everything goes smoothly.

But of course, the bride and the groom can’t control everything — like these terrible wedding speeches that I’m sure the happy couples wish they could have stopped.

In the video below, posted on March 15, 2016, Brad and Melissa are at their wedding reception after tying the knot, excited to share their first dance together. The DJ begins to play “Like There’s No Yesterday” by the bride’s favorite country star, Mark Wills, and the couple starts to get into the moment.

But then, the unexpected happens: The song comes to a sudden stop, and the DJ gets on the mic, implying that there are technically difficulties. But conveniently enough, they’ve already set up a keyboard player on stage, ready to step in and play the song live.

The song starts up again, so Brad and Melissa begin to dance as if nothing ever happened. But as Brad turns his bride around to face the stage, her face suddenly drops and she screams “oh my god!” as she backs up.

Right there in front of her, performing one of her favorite songs, is Mark Wills — and her husband was in on the plan the entire time!

But you need to watch the video to witness the roller coaster of emotions for yourself!

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Video credit: Jay Rich of Selective Sound Entertainment