Dog Has A Bit Of Trouble Navigating Through Snow Maze


The snow was piling up – two, maybe three feet. Instead of shoveling it all away, Andrew decided to put it to good use. He constructed a maze and called his dog over. With the family watching, Andrew sends his dog, Ginzey, into the maze with the temptation of earning a treat upon completion. Ginzey is eager for the challenge and darts off into the man-made labyrinth. 

Ginzey has the whole family behind him, sometimes cheering, sometimes suppressing their laughter. He doesn’t exactly follow the traditional rules of running a maze, but we can’t get mad at that. After one run through the beloved dog goes back inside while one of the family members lies down in the snow. Enter Ginzey to come find him. He struggles initially, but his instincts prevail. Watch the video below to see Ginzey in action. How would your dog fare?