Get To Know The People Behind The Uniforms With The Veteran’s Art Project


If you are a member of the military, then you most likely have to wear a uniform. A big reason why soldiers wear uniforms is to strike fear into the heart of their enemies. It implies that everyone is working together as one unit (plus, identifying your friends and your foes is much easier). One artist, though, wanted to remind society that there is a human side to the people in the military.

Devin Mitchell, an ASU student, is undertaking a project called the Veteran’s Art Project, which aims to show what lies beyond the uniform and to humanize the people who are protecting us around the world.


This is a continuing series and you can follow the project on Instagram. Mitchell hopes to get more volunteers who will help showcase exactly how diverse and human the military is. There is more than one way to support your country and its armed forces. Visit this Instagram and take time to give thanks for the people in the U.S. military.