Dog is about to drown in reservoir. Now watch a group of strangers chain together to save him


When a dog got trapped in a reservoir in Almaty, Kazakhstan, a group of people came together to rescue the pup. The good Samaritans showed true heroism as they climbed down a steep wall to save the poor dog.

Source: Rumble Screenshot

The dramatic video of the rescue begins by showing a man standing in the reservoir with the dog. He’s trying to figure out a way to get himself and the dog out, but he can’t do it on his own. The people watching at the top of the reservoir jump into action to help him out.

Everyone links arms and climbs into the reservoir. There are a few stumbles, and the man at the top of the reservoir almost loses his grip. Thankfully, another man steps in to help him.

Source: Rumble Screenshot

When the human chain reaches the bottom of the reservoir, the man at the end of the chain grabs the dog, and the people at the top pull them up. Because of their great teamwork, they’re able to successfully get the dog out of the reservoir! Everyone cheers, excited that the dog is okay.

Source: Rumble Screenshot

Thanks to a group of selfless rescuers, this pup was able to escape the reservoir without being harmed. Watch the amazing rescue in the video below!

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