An Elderly Man With Alzheimer’s Went Missing… But He Wasn’t Lost. Wait Til You See Where He Was.


Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible condition that steals away loved ones from us by destroying their minds. Over the years, they begin to forget who they are and who is around them. Although the mind may forget, the heart never does, and this touching story proves just that.

Three years ago, Melvyn Amrine was diagnosed with the disease. Ever since then, he has faded away and his wife Doris lovingly took care of him. They had been married for 60 years. When he suddenly went missing, Doris was in a panic.

(H/T Daily Mail)

Every year since the birth of their first child, Melvyn had bought his wife a large bouquet of flowers. In a moment of clarity, he realized what day it was going to be soon and went out to bring them home to her. Even though he cannot remember when he proposed to Doris or how, he knows that he loves her very much and wanted to show her that (even if he needed some help).

This is the kind of story that breaks your heart – and warms it – all at once. Share it.