Ellen Meets Her Doppelgänger In The Middle Of Filming Her Show


During the taping of her talk show, Ellen couldn’t help but notice one audience member in particular who looked very familiar. In fact, it was like looking in a mirror.

In 2011, Ellen met her very own doppelgänger right there in her audience. She was so surprised by her “long-lost twin” that she walked off stage and brought her lookalike, Donna, down in front of the audience. Not only do the two women have eerily similar facial features, but Donna has the same haircut as Ellen, along with matching outfits. With the button-down shirt and vest combo with blue jeans, it’s hard to believe they didn’t plan this in advance!

“Now, did y’all see her in line and think it was me?!” Ellen asked the crowd. Not surprisingly, many of the other audience members raised their hands.

Donna, who hails from Austin, Texas, totally had them duped. Though this unexpected moment never made it to air, it quickly became a viral hit online, with nearly 14 million YouTube views. Guess you just never know when you’ll meet your very own doppelgänger.

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