Her Face Revealed A Life Of Neglect And Abuse, But Her Transformation Is Astounding.


Hollywood may be all glitz and glamour on the surface, but with that comes a dark side of homelessness, poverty and neglect… and it doesn’t just include humans.

Strays run rampant in Los Angeles county, but thankfully there are amazing organizations like the Bill Foundation of Beverly Hills, which is dedicated to saving animals that are abused, abandoned and alone. They’ve seen it all, but when they got the call about a severely abused shelter dog who needed immediate medical care, no one expected the poor angel to be this battered.

Carly is a small dog who was terrified at the shelter, but once she was outside and in the arms of a loving human, she finally felt safe again and had the biggest smile on! However, there was a lot of work to be done. The dog’s fur was terribly matted and infested with fleas. Her sweet little face was also red, raw and caused her a lot of pain. Fast forward four months later and Carly’s years of pain and neglect were finally far behind her.

I’m so happy she is finally happy and safe… and living the Hollywood high life with her new family!

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