> I Think The Next Generation Will Be Pretty Amazing. Mark My Words.

I Think The Next Generation Will Be Pretty Amazing. Mark My Words.


At times, it can be extremely easy to fear for the future. The only thing worse than our economy is the environment. Not only that, but our youngsters seem to be obsessed with The Biebs, who can’t be bothered to think about anything other than his “Baby”-singing self. It’s not all bad, though.

There are tons of kids who will lead our future generations that have good heads on their shoulders. There’s a certain entertaining quality to their unique, if not brilliant, approaches to life that are really fun to see:

1.) They can multitask.

2.) They’re thoughtful and crafty.

3.) They’re creative.

4.) They take care of their pals.

5.) They’re wary of GMOs.


6.) They’re honest.

7.) They’re aware of their history.

8.) They’re safety-conscious.

9.) There’s no food that they’re afraid to try.

10.) They’re great negotiators.

11.) They’re motivated.


12.) They’re thugs.

13.) They’re clean.

14.) They think about other people.

15.) They’re full of love.

16.) They go above and beyond.

17.) Especially when it comes to costumes.

18.) They know their superheros.

19.) They’re thankful.

20.) They know when to say sorry.

(via pleated-jeans,viralnova)

Wow. As long as we don’t ruin everything before they get the chance to, the future generations should be more than alright when it’s their turn to run the world.