Family’s lost senior dog put down within 2 hours of being turned in!


A family in Genesee County, Michigan, is mourning the loss of their senior dog; who wandered away from home and was later picked up by a good Samaritan.

The person who found the old dog, whose name was “Capone,” did what they thought was in the lost dog’s best interest; they transported Capone to the Genesee County Animal Control.

In a perfect world, the senior dog would have been safe at the animal control agency at least for a few days until his family could find him and bring him back home.

Tragically, Capone’s family didn’t have a chance to retrieve their dog because he was dead within hours of being taken in at the animal control agency.

According to the For the Love of Louie *Michigan Lost Pet Lookers* Facebook page, Capone was euthanized just two short hours after being turned over to animal control.

senior dog

The Facebook page posted about the devastating situation which left Capone dead and a family heartbroken:

“He was wearing an orange harness. A clear sign that he was an “owned” dog.

HIs owners were searching frantically for him and were relieved when they learned he was turned into Animal Control.

Their joy quickly turned to devastation when they called Animal Control; they were informed that Capone was euthanized.”

Exactly why Capone was denied his time under the mandatory stray hold at the animal control agency is a mystery.

At this point, all that matters is that he is gone – before his time. Rest in peace Capone.