Famous Athlete Takes A Break From Football To Ride His Beloved Horse


As he gears up for Super Bowl 50, NFL star Josh Norman clears his head with the help of his pet horse.

Once a week, the Carolina Panthers cornerback visits the Bit O Luck Horse Rescue in Huntersville, NC, to ride his 10-year-old saddlebred named Delta. The Coastal Carolina University graduate has been with the horse for five years now. (He even made a Twitter page for his beloved horse!)

Yet, it’s no secret that horses provide relief for many in need, including veterans suffering from PTSD. So that’s why it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Norman is able to relieve stress when riding his horse.

“It’s a world away from the real world,” the 28-year-old told Charlotte’s WSOC. “You become the horse and the horse becomes you in a way.”

Riding horses has also been a sport he’s done his entire life: Norman was raised on a horse farm in South Carolina. His family owned more than a dozen horses.

“We pretty much were into it, like, I don’t even know how long,” he told The Charlotte Observer in 2014 of his family’s love for horses. “Ever since I was born, I was on a horse.”

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