> Former Wrestler’s Speech Leaves Entire Middle School In Tears

Former Wrestler’s Speech Leaves Entire Middle School In Tears


Pre-teens can also be stubborn, unreceptive and difficult to motivate. It’s a time when a lot of kids start to rebel from their parents’ wishes. When former professional wrestler Marc Mero stood up in front of an auditorium filled with 6th, 7th and 8th graders, he had a feeling they wouldn’t giving him, a random stranger, their complete and undivided attention.

Mero, a WCW and WWE champion who runs a non-profit organization called Champion Of Choices, knows that to get the students’ attention he has to target their hearts — and when he tells an incredible story about his relationship with his late mother, he does just that. Mero explains how he doesn’t appreciate his wonderful mother until she was gone, and his words hit the students hard. He touches on themes of life, death, regret, and most of all, love.

Even though Marc speaks to a younger audience, his words have a powerful meaning at any age in life. “Love is just a word until you give it meaning — YOU are the meaning.”

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