Jeff Longo was just a regular guy until the day he made a surprising discovery on a sidewalk near his home. Burning on a sidewalk in the hot Florida sun was a newborn flying squirrel with no family in sight. Longo thought there was no way the tiny baby could survive, but knew he had to do something to help.

Longo, who was never an animal rescuer before, had his world turned upside down by the tiny squirrel, and he spent the next three months of his life nursing the little one back to health. He named her Biscuits and nourished her with a bottle of formula and a whole lot of love! Check out Biscuits’ amazing transformation from near death to a grateful and healthy little squirrel. This is a story of friendship in its purest form!

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Florida man Jeff Longo was shocked to discover a tiny, unusual animal baking in the hot sun.


Longo posted to Reddit that he found the southern flying squirrel half dead on the sidewalk and was told by many “experts” that she would die soon.


Although it didn’t seem likely the tiny animal would survive, Longo felt she was sent to him for a reason and knew he had to try his best to help.


Over the next three months, Longo, who wrote he was never an animal “rehabber” did everything he could to help nurse the squirrel back to health.


He named the flying squirrel Biscuits and hand fed her with a bottle of puppy formula and milk every few hours for weeks.


Longo learned everything he could about caring for the baby and eventually Biscuits was out of the danger zone!


Biscuits grew stronger every day and was quickly welcomed in to the family.


Longo wrote on Reddit that Biscuits’ favorite food is pecans and that she LOVES terrorizing her “big brothers”, Longo’s dogs.


Longo and his little buddy are the best of friends now! Biscuits is healthy and so happy in his loving home.


Longo had NO idea what to do when he first discovered the tiny flying squirrel, but now he knows he was just in the right place and the right time… and now he is happier than ever before!

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