Alot can happen over the course of 10 years. Kids become adults, pets grow old and friends you think you have forever, completely disappear from your life.

Losing an entire decade of your life would be a complete nightmare for a person and completely heartbreaking for their loved ones. However, it’s a lot better than losing the rest of your life due to a careless mistake. For people who have lost someone they care about due to an accident that was the result of drinking and driving, the pain never goes away. They are always going to be angry that this accident was actually completely preventable.

That’s why Tom Mabe and his prankster friends decided to do a little positive pranking and hopefully scare their friend out of ever getting behind the wheel drunk, like this man recently did. In the following video, we see a man named “Ray,” who we learn has been arrested five times for driving under the influence. In order to prevent a sixth time and possible deadly accident, Ray’s friends waited until he passed out drunk and transported him into a room designed to look exactly like one in a hospital.

When he woke up and was told he had been in a coma, everything changed. You have to laugh at the fake news reported they play for him and the prank is actually pretty funny, even if it’s a little mean-spirited. However, whether this video is real or completely stage,  the message behind it is a serious one.

If you drink and drive, it hurts everyone. There is never an excuse to get behind the wheel!

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