> Gentle Giant Climbs Into Hammock And Does The FUNNIEST Thing!

Gentle Giant Climbs Into Hammock And Does The FUNNIEST Thing!


veryone enjoys relaxing in a hammock on a nice summer day — even animals! It’s difficult not to laugh when you see pets like Timo the cat mastering the hammock or this dog catching a few Zzzzs in the backyard.

In this next video, the dog days of summer came a little early for one gentle giant. He was supposed to be guarding the house, so when he was being suspiciously quiet, his owner went looking for the dog. What he found is nothing short of amazing.

The man walks outside to find his dog lounging in the hammock. This dog found the perfect way to spend a nice afternoon — and we can’t say we blame him. His owner is heard laughing, wondering how the dog even climbed into the hammock in the first place.

But this dog isn’t moving for anyone. He’s ready for some rest and relaxation, rocking in the summer breeze. Even though this dog is huge, he’s managed to balance himself like a pro as he takes a quick nap. He even stretches out, looking for some more leg room. It’s adorable and shows just how clever some dogs are.

This video is the perfect treat for anyone looking forward to those beautiful summer days ahead.

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